Make Certain Your Smile Gets the Surgical Service it Needs

Throughout any dental problem, our very first objective is getting you out of discomfort. When you go to Pierce & Knight Family Dentistry, we make comfort a priority all the time, which shows we are prepared to end your suffering quickly.

With dental sedation, you can stop discomfort and soothe your mind rapidly. We provide dental sedation and calming amenities to help you feel completely relaxed throughout your care.

When we have ensured your relaxation, we can focus on discovering the perfect treatment to fix your smile. We provide numerous types of dental surgery and various other solutions, consisting of:

  • Tooth Extractions– Sometimes the damage to your teeth is too great to restore it. When it’s required, we can deal with tooth removal.
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal– We can solve issues with your wisdom teeth if they pose any current or potential hazards to your smile or your dental health.
  • Dental Implants— If you do require teeth removed, you require to get the greatest teeth replacements possible. Implants replace the roots of your lost tooth, so your restorations can be strong, protected, and steady.
  • Root Canal— We can prevent the need for tooth extractions with a root canal treatment, which removes infection and saves the tooth with a dental crown.

We can help you keep your healthy smile with our different preventive services and basic dentistry as soon as we’ve handled your issue. If you need an oral surgeon in De Soto, KS, call Pierce & Knight Family Dentistry 913-251-9683 to arrange your treatment. You can also schedule online.