October kicks off what we call the sugary season – starting with Halloween and continuing through Christmas. You probably consume more treats than usual in those months. That has the potential to damage your smile – but it doesn’t have to. You can start the season off right by choosing healthier Halloween candy.

Any candy can hurt your teeth without proper oral hygiene. So it’s important to brush and floss daily. If possible, rinse your mouth out with water after consuming any sugary foods or drinks. But making smarter choices goes a long way toward keeping your smile in great shape. It’s also important to maintain a regular schedule of cleanings and exams. We suggest visiting us in Lenexa, KS every six months. 

This short video does a good job of listing some good candy options – and bad ones too. 

If you’re a chocolate lover, you can feel good about that! It’s typically the best option for your dental health. The chocolate melts and washes away from teeth. So it’s less likely to cause cavities and other problems. As the video notes, you’ll get some added nutritional benefits if you choose dark chocolate or chocolate with nuts.

Five of the worst candies are featured in the video too. High in sugar, they are also sticky. That means they cling to your teeth and can be tough to remove. This makes them a bigger danger to your smile. It’s best to avoid sticky treats whenever you can. 

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