Here we are gearing up for another exciting school year and all those extracurricular activities that are sure to start unfolding sooner than later. That’s why, today, we want to talk about youth sports. You see, any activity that involves a flying ball or object, running, jumping, or contact of any sort, has the potential to cause a lot of dental damage.

In order to protect your young player’s teeth and gums from a life-altering accident, you’ll want to explore our custom-built athletic mouthguards. These will also help your kids to breathe better and speak more clearly than those boil and bite mouthguards that are mass-produced and never fit anyone like they should.

For more info, play the video clip below from the ADA. Once you have finished watching, call Pierce & Knight Family Dentistry at 913-251-9683 or fill out our online form to request your preventive dentistry appointment in Lenexa, KS. Our oral appliances can also save you from teeth grinding while sleeping.