This year and for many years to come, you want your loved ones to be happy and healthy. Finding a good family dentist can help with both of those goals.

Good oral health is essential for good overall health. Plus, healthy teeth make people more likely to share their smiles.

For many families in and around Lenexa, KS, our team at Pierce & Knight Family Dentistry has become their home for quality, comfortable oral care. We have much to offer you and your loved ones. To discover these for yourself, call 913-251-9683 to make your next dental appointment at our office.

Modern Dental Service

Technology has changed our lives in countless ways. It’s possible to get a self-driving car, and video calls are not just something in science fiction movies and TV shows anymore. Dental technology continues to improve as well, and we are committed to integrating technology into our practice that makes dental visits easier and more effective for our patients.

Here are a few examples:

  • Syringe-free anesthesia – Anyone with a fear of needles may be hesitant to visit the dentist. We keep you pain-free without worries about a needle stick thanks to The Wand.
  • Digital X-rays – X-rays have played an invaluable role in oral care for more than a century. With digital X-rays, you can get those benefits with a fraction of the radiation used in film X-rays.
  • Digital impressions – You don’t have to worry about biting down on an impression tray filled with goo. Digital impressions are accurate and don’t cause gagging.
  • Dental lasers – The Waterlase allows us to remove both hard and soft tissue. This is more efficient and can speed up recovery from treatments.
  • Intraoral cameras – This camera allows us to see your mouth up close and from all angles. It allows us to identify problems sooner, when they can be fixed more easily.

Comprehensive, Worry-Free Care

At our office, every patient deserves personalized care. No two patients are the same, even if many dental issues are common.

At our practice, we emphasize preventive care. We are happy to answer any questions you have about your daily oral care routine. We also encourage you to come in regularly for professional cleanings and exams.

If you do experience problems (which a vast majority of people will at one time or another), we are more than prepared to help. We offer everything from gum disease treatment and dental fillings to teeth replacements with dental implants. You can have a healthy, natural-looking smile again.

Every year, millions of people turn to cosmetic dentistry to upgrade their smiles and provide a confidence boost. You can achieve your smile goals at our office. We can remove stains with professional whitening. We can straighten your teeth with orthodontic services. We also can correct a variety of issues with dental veneers. If you are interested in a smile makeover, get started with a consultation with one of our doctors.

Make us your home for family dental care in 2021 and beyond. Call Pierce & Knight Family Dentistry at 913-251-9683 to request an appointment in Lenexa, KS.